Arwen recognised as leading 'pornbot hunters' by reporter

Arwen AI explain how pornbots work on social media and the role AI has in moderating and removing them

"One of the people tasked with deleting suggestive comments like mine is Joel Bailey, co-founder of Arwen, an AI software that tackles spam comments on social media, including pornbots. Arwen’s clients include Manchester City football club, a Formula One team and British comedian Rosie Jones, who’s known for her panel appearances on comedy shows like The Last Leg and Would I Lie To You. The company was initially founded to tackle online hate after the slew of racist abuse that followed last year’s Euros when three England players failed to convert penalties. “Then our clients kept saying ‘We get all this spam - can you help us with that as well?’” Joel recalls. 

Joel is what I like to call a pornbot hunter. With the help of his team at Arwen, he has formulated a system that catches pornbot comments like mine before Instagram users even see them. “Our USP is sub-second removal, so barely anyone sees it,” Joel says. “You stop all the risk of a [pornbot] pile-on by getting it early, and also the risk of people clicking on something that they shouldn’t.”

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