Arwen CEO talks to Insider Sport about fighting sports’ ‘dirty secret’ of toxic online content

Article in Insider Sport

Matt McGrory, Arwen's founder and CEO, sat down with Insider Sport to talk about Arwen's work in elite sport.

"With online abuse being an increasing problem since the rise of social media, moderators have been the main solution to-date, but they are becoming increasingly overwhelmed.

Arwen.AI – a company with a solution to minimise online hate – provides a new way to automatically remove unwanted content from these channels using artificial intelligence.  The group has previously worked with Burnley FC and since being implemented, has reduced negative content on the club’s social profiles by 70%.

The firm’s CEO and Co-Founder, Matthew McGrory, spoke to Insider Sport on the impact that such toxicity can have on an athletes’ wellbeing, as well as the damaging effects it places on a brand’s advertising strategy."

Read the full article here. 

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